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US troops withdraw from key Iraqi cities

Most people now recognize the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 to be a mistake, given that it had negative consequences in a variety of different areas (we’ll talk about that later). The invasion led to Iraq becoming a magnet for Islamic fighters from all over, unleashed the sectarian divisions that had been brutally suppressed […]

Pakistan finally takes on the Taliban

For months now, people in Pakistan and the world have wondered about the inaction of Pakistan in dealing with the Taliban. The Pakistani Taliban (hard to differentiate between the Afghan and the Pakistani Taleban since they both respect Mullah Omar as the supreme leader), already present in the hard regions of Pakistan that touch Afghanistan, […]

Pakistan resisting US incursions ?

Looks like finally the United States has given up on Pakistani efforts to defeat the stronghold of the Taleban inside Pakistani territory, and is taking a more active interest in dealing with this matter by itself. The US has started operations inside the wilder non-governed regions of Pakistan, where fighters from Afghanistan would get shelter […]

US gets more active against Pakistan based Taleban

For quite some time now, the United States has come to the realization that Pakistan is not going to take decisive steps to root out the fast strengthening elements of the Taleban and Al-Qaeda in the border regions of Pakistan. These elements get the space in these border regions to regroup from clashes with the […]